#388 Sibling list: avoid duplicate mail

Mailman 2.2 / 3.0

This patch enables to avoid sending duplicate mail if
other list address is specified in to: or cc: header.

- Sibling lists are other mailing lists on this site
whose members are excluded from regular delivery if
those list addresses appear in To: or Cc: header.

- The list addresses should be witten in full mail
address format (e.g. mailman@example.com). Do not
specify the list address mutually in the sibling list
configuration page or those doubled members won't get


- Is the terminology 'sibling' appropriate?

- Need more comments in the processing code


  • Tokio Kikuchi

    Tokio Kikuchi - 2005-11-04


  • Tokio Kikuchi

    Tokio Kikuchi - 2005-11-18

    Logged In: YES

    On my second thought, I determined to add 'include' feature
    in this 'sibling list' idea. Also, the GUI is moved from
    Genral to NonDigest because I think it is more appropreate.

    - Exclude lists are the same as the original 'sibling
    lists' in the first post.

    - Include lists are the lists on the same mailman
    installation site whose members are included in the regular
    delivery if they are not appear in To: of Cc: header. Thus,
    it may work as 'umbrella list' if the lists are all in the
    same site.

    If you have already applied the first version of
    sibling.patch, you have to backout it before applying this.

  • Tokio Kikuchi

    Tokio Kikuchi - 2005-11-18

    sibling list patch updated


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