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Mailbox Sweeper 0.83 released

Version 0.83 adds a progress bar to display the status of connecting and reading the messages. Especially when downloading a lot of messages (20+) it is quite helpful to see how long it will take to finish the task.
The editor and password windows now show up at the right location on the screen.

Posted by Alexander Kelz 2004-05-05

Mailbox Sweeper 0.80 released

Version 0.80 finally adds support for encoded message headers (e.g. Base64 encoded, or messages with characters like , etc.). There should be no more incomprehensible subject lines like before.

Posted by Alexander Kelz 2004-03-29

Mailbox Sweeper 0.74 released

In this release, there is a workaround for if the APOP command to login does not work. If the APOP command fails, the usual login procedure will be used.

As requested, the program will now ask for the password when checking mails if no password is entered in profile.dat.

Posted by Alexander Kelz 2004-02-17

Mailbox Sweeper 0.73 released

Mailbox Sweeper 0.73 now adds support for the APOP login. If supported by the mail provider, the password will be sent as a MD5 hash, not as plain text. Not all POP3 servers implement that method though.

Some unchecked Exceptions have been fixed.

Posted by Alexander Kelz 2003-12-13

Mailbox Sweeper 0.72 released

Mailbox Sweeper version 0.72 now displays the messages in a table. This way the user is able to resize the fields in order to view the whole subject/sender adress.
To prevent errors with running out of memory, the maximum number of emails to display is limited to 500.

Some less important bugs in the profile editor are fixed, and now a dialog pops up when the user clicks the delete all button, to make sure he really wants this.

Posted by Alexander Kelz 2003-12-11

Mailbox Sweeper 0.71 released

I just released version 0.71.
The built in profile editor now works like it was supposed to, 0.7 had to be released early because of the subject-bug. Basic functions and the GUI now should stay the same for a while, unless some serious problems turn up.

The next step probably will be configurable filters, so that after checking mails the messages violating the filter rules will be selected automatically.

Posted by Alexander Kelz 2003-12-05

mailbox sweeper 0.7 released

Released a new version, 0.7. This fixes two bugs:
Sometimes mails could not be checked when headers were too big.
Messages that had no subject were displayed i a wrong way, sometimes showing the subject line of another message. This is now fixed.
From now on releases will be divided in binary and source data.
Furthermore, the binary data now is in .jar format.

Posted by Alexander Kelz 2003-12-04

mailbox-sweeper-0.6 released

Release 0.6

several bug fixes, timeout when connecting to a host and the number of emails to display when checking mails can now be configured in the profile.dat file. These are optional paramets, if none are entered, the default values will be used (5 seconds and 20 emails to display)

Connecting to a host who takes a long time to respond now takes considerably less cpu-power.

Posted by Alexander Kelz 2003-12-01

mailbox-sweeper-0.51 released

Had to release new version, because in 0.5 it was not possible to delete mails if there was a mail with an attachement in the mailbox.
This is fixed in 0.51

Posted by Alexander Kelz 2003-11-28

mailbox-sweeper-0.5 released

mailbox-sweeper-0.5 is the first public release of Mailbox-Sweeper

It lets you connect to your mailboxes, preview the subject lines of your emails, and delete multiple selected mails , or all of the mails at once

It is currently still in beta, so Problems end Errors are likely to appear. If you encounter any problems, please post them on the project site.

Posted by Alexander Kelz 2003-11-28