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Announcement and general info

The Maiden Project is an effort to create an intellegent social robot platform in both hardware and software, and to document our progress in the hope of reaching such a goal. Our project contains four main subprojects:
-Maiden-API: the core API for AI functions, with extensibility in a variety of scripting languages
-Maiden-arch: the robot's physicial schematics and documentation
-Maiden-libai: the scripted AI functions
-Maiden-doc: documentation for the entire project
It also contains a few related subprojects. At this point in time they are:
-Maiden-core: an interface between the linux kernel and the Maiden-API
-Maiden-embedded: an embedded OS using the Maiden-API
-Maiden-irc-bot: a test program for the log-markov algorithms in a conversational context... read more

Posted by John Ohno 2005-01-17