procedure MaiaMain;

  • sycomore

    sycomore - 2008-10-10

    in the unit maiacontrolprocs,
    in procedure MaiaMain,
      for I := 1 to ParamCount do
          if Length(ParamStr(I)) < 5 then Continue;
          if LowerCase(ParamStr(I)) = '/child_process' then ProcessType := pt_Child;
          if LowerCase(ParamStr(I)) = '/service_process' then ProcessType := pt_Service;

    i never pass through the boucle !!??

    ParamCount is not defined!!!

    is it normal?

    • Keneto

      Keneto - 2008-10-10

      This is not for you. Maia uses this.

      Maia runs twice. One that you open and a second one that Maia runs (with parameters) as a child process.

      The child_process does all the work of transferring mail. It will be killed by the parent when it runs too long and a new one started.

      When you execute Maia, the parent process you create will always have no parameters.


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