I did FINALLY end up finding some instructions to help me here:
Why they aren't on the main Magpie site is beyond me!
Also what was confusing was the author referred to the version number that had his fix was the same that I had installed (the ZIP file was same name), but upon closer inspection he contents were indeed different. So I reinstalled and works now as long as I use his pseudo code instructions above.

From: Adam Scheinberg []
Sent: Sat 7/1/2006 6:20 AM
To:; Doti, Adam
Subject: [Magpierss-general] How to target multiple elements value?

I came up with a "semi-fix" for this.  It won't separate them, it will
just prevent the concatenation and give you one category.  See the URL

Hello there.
I am trying to find out a way to parse and display the below
"category" elements in my PHP pages.
I for the life of me can not figure out how top identify the category
element and specifically which one to render the value of. Any help on
how I write my code would be greatly appreciated.

I've tried
$activityType = $item['category'];
But obviously that just renders "Mountain BikingadotiTrainingGeronimo,
Marin, California, United States"

- <item>
  <title>Woodside to Olema and the Cross Marin Trail.</title>
  <description><a href='' title='View
public activities for adoti'>adoti</a> recorded a <a
Biking' title='View trailnetwork activities forMountain
Biking'>Mountain Biking</a>activity starting at 6/28/06 6:51 PM near
<a href='
Geronimo, Marin, California, United States' title='View TrailNetwork
activities in San Geronimo, Marin, California, United States'>San
Geronimo, Marin, California, United States</a>. The acitivity was a
Training event which went a distance of 21.34 miles and took 4 hours
11 minutes 19 seconds. Ride out to Olema to visit Brian and Leigh at
the Flying Cloud for dinner.</description>
  <pubDate>Wed, 28 Jun 2006 6:51:46 PST</pubDate>
  <category domain="">Mountain
  <category domain="">adoti</category>
  <category domain="">Training</category>
  <category domain="">San
Geronimo, Marin, California, United States</category>
  <georss:point relationshiptag="start"
featuretypetag="track">38.00747 -122.66575</georss:point>
  <georss:box>38.00026 -122.7912 38.04993 -122.66253</georss:box>

Adam Scheinberg