> Q.1 - Does MagpieRSS have a default number of post to fetch? In my local
> computer it will fetch the last 10 - what if I want to show them all?

It looks to me like your RSS feed is only returning 10 posts.

Regarding the different results on different servers, I can't imagine
why it's doing this.  Perhaps try turning the cache off and
var_dump'ing the contents of $rss to see if the problem is in magpie
or in your code.



Problem solved - even though I could not identify the problem, I re-uploaded the whole website into a new folder. It worked! So I guess there was one or some files not well uploaded causing this bug. My wonder is why it first worked and after posting a new artcle in the blog site.. it did not work right.. anyway - now it's working.

Thanks a lot Marc for your time and advice.