Anonymous - 2007-11-04

G'day !

I am trying to build a widget pour Dotclear to get the recent activity in my Picasa gallery.
after a lot of researches, I have discover that after a
$rss = fetch_rss($rss_url);

where $rss_url =

I have lost a part of my structure: If I dump $rss, i get:

      array(9) {
        string(3) "5.6"
        string(5) "Canon"
        string(22) "Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL"
then it switches to the next item, so I have lost 2 entries : gphoto and media:group

  <media:title type="plain">IMG_0434.JPG</media:title>
  <media:description type="plain"/>

thx for the help,