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german characters not showing up right

  • Alex Nesbitt

    Alex Nesbitt - 2005-08-12

    I am having problem getting german characters to render properly.

    Schnbrunn is in the RSS and  Schönbrunn is what comes out on the page.

    the output

    the rss

    Any help is appreciated.



    • Roger

      Roger - 2006-01-27

      Could it be something to do with the fact that the feed is in UTF-8 but your results page is using character set iso-8859-1 ?

  • Anonymous - 2009-12-19

    you can try use utf8_decode() …

  • Anonymous - 2009-12-19

    Add the following lines  before require_once( MAGPIE_DIR . '' ); in

        define('MAGPIE_OUTPUT_ENCODING', 'UTF-8');
        define('MAGPIE_INPUT_ENCODING', 'UTF-8');
        define('MAGPIE_DETECT_ENCODING', false);


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