Disappearing magnifier!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Every time I click when my magnifier is on I lose the magnifier. Any Help here please?

    • Chris O'Donnell

      Chris O'Donnell - 2006-06-19

      Mostly the magnifier works that way.  We are working on a new feature, "Dynamic Mode", which makes the magnifier stay active while you interact with the desktop. 

      An older version of magnifier, v2.36 has a beta version for this feature, you can download that at:


      In the system tray, right-click the glass icon, then select the "Dynamic Mode" menu item.

      -Chris O 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Have tried to download but no luck.

    • Chris O'Donnell

      Chris O'Donnell - 2006-06-20

      Hi, try copying the text for the link instead of clicking on it:
      For some reason, the hyperlink on this forum doesn't work with the underscore in the link.  So if you copy and past the complete line in your address bar, then you can get there.

      Or, try this copy and paste with this link:
      Then, click on the v2.36 area.

      -Chris O

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I tried downloading the older version, and selected 'Dynamic Mode', and tried to make it show the magnifier, but it said:

      "The video driver does not support DirectDraw overlays"

      Does this mean my graphics card cannot use this driver? If not, will there be a version of your product that will allow me to do this? Thanks in advanced!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I meant to say "this feature", not "this driver". Sorry.

    • Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

      > Does this mean my graphics card cannot use this driver?

      Actually the message is misleading. the old code just checks for the presence of support on the Video Card for RGB Overlays, and gives this message if this isn't supported.

      The latest stable release comes with a beta dynamic mode which checks not only for RGB Overlays, but also the more common YUV Overlays (you don't really need to know what each of those things mean, just know there are 2 types of Overlays, which is a feature necessary for the dynamic mode).

      However, there are known problems with the dynamic mode present on this latest release. Nevertheless, if you could test it and submit bug reports that would already help.

      > If not, will there be a version of your product that will allow me to do this? Thanks in advanced!

      The dynamic mode is currently progressing slow because we are two main developers, and Chris lacks time and I don't have knowledge or hardware adequates to implement the feature.

      Recently we started accepting donations, and if enougth donations are collected we would be able to hire an extra developer to quickly finish implementing the dynamic mode for Windows.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What is the status of dynamic mode support on Linux?  What are the specific requirements for support?

    • Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

      It's waiting resources to be invested on it. Resources can be either time (such as in a developer which would implement it) or money (to pay a developer which would implement it).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Since I don't use Windows, just out of curiousity.  Currently, the Windows version has the dynamic mode and Linux doesn't?  Maybe I can help spread the word to get volunteer developers involved.

    • Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

      Yes, it's currently only available for Windows. It would be great if you could find someone with knowledge (or at least a big wish to learn) and time to implement this on Linux =)



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