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Wiki unavailable

It seems magmi sourceforge MediaWiki is currently offline & redirects to main page.

Trying to sort this out with SF support.

Thanks for your patience

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2014-06-20

0.7.19 available

The new magmi version 0.7.19 is out.

Too many improvements to be listed here. Based on latest git version.

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2014-06-20

0.7.19 on the way

Hi All,

intense git activity last weeks , 0.7.19 in finalization phase.

An official GitHub has also been setup for those not familiar with SF git interface.

see :

The Git version is already functional.

Some enhancements, many bugfixes since 0.7.18.

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2013-09-05

Magmi Git Repository

Hi All,

Magmi is now using Git Repository as main source repository.

SVN will not be maintained anymore & will be removed in a short time.

For the ones that are following commits, please switch to git !

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2013-07-15

Latest svn fixes

0.7.18 is out but svn has some fixes:

  • image processor plugin can now update "exclude" flag correctly
  • category item positioning fixed (some ordering issue has been fixed & it will also work when non existing categories are detected)
Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2013-02-16

0.7.18beta3 , bugfixes to come, already available in svn !!!!

0.7.18 beta3 will soon be released, but the current svn is already including the following.

- csv remote download now renames files to csv if not csv or txt (or even no extension due to applicative url)
- csv remote download now supports http cookies in download request
- csv datasource now detects and handles UTF8 with BOM !!!

- indexer not working (due to lack of chdir)
- fixed plugin parameter override in cli
- fixed custom sql utility to be more easily callable with cli & parameter override
- category importer not assigning to roots when using option "all categories in tree"
- category importer creating empty named category
- category product position could not be updated if product already in category
- remote agent extra plugin was not compatible with php 5.2
... read more

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2012-12-05

0.7.18beta2 is available !!!!

This express bugfix release includes bugfixing for:
- multistore updates (array_pop vs array_fix, thanks to mengqing from magento forum)
- strict syntax check problem with E_ALL error reporting for fshelper MagentoDirHandler abstract class.

Continue to test & use so i can have a non beta 0.7.18 soon.

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2012-11-12

0.7.18beta1 is available !!!!

After a last bugfix session (thanks to all early svn testers reporting) , the 0.7.18beta1 is out !!!

The new extra plugin package & utilities package are also available in Files/Magmi 0.7/Plugins/packages dir.

Many enhancements,many bugfixes, initial support for remote magento management too.

MediaWiki is not completely up to date, will work on it as soon as i got some time.

However,most important features of the new plugin version should already be documented on mediawiki.... read more

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2012-11-06

0.7.18 to be released soon

Hi All,

Even if magmi official release is a bit old now, code is under heavy work.
0.7.18 is about to be released and will come with some eagerly awaited enhancements & bugfixes.
I migrated the code to the "updated" sourceforge svn
I also prepared documentation links to be "moved" more easily to the newer sourceforge wiki when they will discontinue hosted mediawiki.

New Features:

  • Remote Agent : a way to have magmi executing on one host & targeting a remote magento host , it's an advanced feature that will be detailed in the wiki.
    The first version will still need to have DB connectivity between the two hosts but if it has some success , i may extend it to work even with no db connectivity between magmi & remote host.... read more
Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2012-10-18

Forum anonymous access closed

Due to spam bot abuses , now you must login to sourceforge to post in forums.

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2012-03-29

Call for reviews

To all magmi users, you are welcome to write on some blog you have what magmi enables you to do ,what problems you encountered, why you are using it and how you integrated it in your workflow !!!!

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2011-04-14