0.7.18beta1 is available !!!!

After a last bugfix session (thanks to all early svn testers reporting) , the 0.7.18beta1 is out !!!

The new extra plugin package & utilities package are also available in Files/Magmi 0.7/Plugins/packages dir.

Many enhancements,many bugfixes, initial support for remote magento management too.

MediaWiki is not completely up to date, will work on it as soon as i got some time.

However,most important features of the new plugin version should already be documented on mediawiki.

So Donwload, test, comment, report.....

this beta is stable,but there are now so many features in magmi & plugins that i couldn't test all cases (since magmi can adapt to so many configurations)

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2012-11-06

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