0.7.18 to be released soon

Hi All,

Even if magmi official release is a bit old now, code is under heavy work.
0.7.18 is about to be released and will come with some eagerly awaited enhancements & bugfixes.
I migrated the code to the "updated" sourceforge svn
I also prepared documentation links to be "moved" more easily to the newer sourceforge wiki when they will discontinue hosted mediawiki.

New Features:

  • Remote Agent : a way to have magmi executing one one host & targeting a remote magento host , it's an advanced feature that will be detailed in the wiki.
    The first version will still need to have DB connectivity between the two hosts but if it has some success , i may extend it to work even with no db connectivity between magmi & remote host.

  • Mass option remapper utilty: This utility enables to remap option values to another using csv to describe remapping

  • first implementation of support for alternate global config files, while still not selectable in the UI, it will enable scripters to define short global config files that reference target global config files. (useful when dealing with several remote hosts or dealing with different magento installs). the UI "save" button of global config will save to the target file.

  • profile chaining : now magmi.cli.php & magmi_run direct url will allow profile chaining (each profile could also be ran in its own mode)


  • Category position of item : now you can define the position of item in imported categories or category_ids column.

  • Multiple category root assignment in the same line is now supported for multistore setups in category importer plugin.

  • bad category_ids does not raise an SQL error anymore, a prechecking is done, issuing a warning for invalid category_ids found but assigning to valid ones.

  • store column is now "autodefaulted" if not present (in some update configs , it may have caused some troubles forcing to set it by value replacer)

  • import limiter is now able to filter the columns that are to be imported. especially useful to enhance performance on updates & to reuse same "big file" for different purposes in different profiles.

  • grouped products can now group any product types.

  • magmi cli script is now integrable into other php scripts (and can even be called within a cgi script) , it can receive a logger class name.

And of course,bugfixes for few things that did not work as i expected

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2012-10-18

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