0.7.18 to be released soon

Hi All,

Even if magmi official release is a bit old now, code is under heavy work.
0.7.18 is about to be released and will come with some eagerly awaited enhancements & bugfixes.
I migrated the code to the "updated" sourceforge svn
I also prepared documentation links to be "moved" more easily to the newer sourceforge wiki when they will discontinue hosted mediawiki.

New Features:

  • Remote Agent : a way to have magmi executing one one host & targeting a remote magento host , it's an advanced feature that will be detailed in the wiki.
    The first version will still need to have DB connectivity between the two hosts but if it has some success , i may extend it to work even with no db connectivity between magmi & remote host.

  • Mass option remapper utilty: This utility enables to remap option values to another using csv to describe remapping

Enhancements :

  • Category position of item : now you can define the position of item in imported categories or category_ids column.

  • Multiple category root assignment in the same line is now supported for multistore setups in category importer plugin.

  • store column is now "autodefaulted" if not present (in some update configs , it may have caused some troubles forcing to set it by value replacer)

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2012-10-18 | Draft

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