Installation instructions?

  • Hans Schmucker

    Hans Schmucker - 2005-03-28

    I'm a bit lost in the TML documentation (Forum + SF Docs) trying to get 0.3.5 to run. Basically, I don't know where to put the files. Some versions talk about the video being in RAM, other talk about a fixed path at 1://testmovie.avi while others seem to suggest there's a playlist created from a directory while the screenshots show the word PALM, suggesting a directory browser. So, where do I put them? The playlist right now is empty...

    • Nicholas Hardy

      Nicholas Hardy - 2005-03-29

      The current 0.3 release only supports memory cards.  Previous versions required using a RAM filestream or a fixed location on the card, but that is no longer the case.

      If you have a memory card just put an avi on it and it should show up.  Otherwise you can try emulating a memory card using Softick RAM Drive.

      The next release will include some basic ram support again.

    • Hans Schmucker

      Hans Schmucker - 2005-03-30

      Hmm... do they have to be in a specific directory, because I have a bunch of Avi's and Ogg's located under /video/ and /audio/ but nothing shows up in the playlist.

    • Hans Schmucker

      Hans Schmucker - 2005-03-30

      Better to give some more info I guess...
      I'm on a Tapwave Zodiac 2
      0.3pre5 is installed in internal memory, media files are installed in /audio/ on card 1 and 2, non on card 3 (internal) for ogg files and /video/ on card 1 for avi files.
      Avi files are Divx/mp3 encoded and would therefore not work without changing the FOURCC, but they should still be listed.

      When I'm starting media the DIA minimises correctly and all elements get repositioned accordingly. so far so good. The contol bar appears at the bottom and the Media button/playlist/now playing/audio/video/image combination appear on top. The space in between is white. Nothing. No PALM to switch to a different directory or anything. Hitting Play brings up "No video file or invalid file selected". Taping inside the blank area doesn't give any results either.

      • Nicholas Hardy

        Nicholas Hardy - 2005-03-31

        Possibly you are being affected by the multiple memory cards bug

        The code currently only picks up the 'first' memory card.  Make sure you have some files on everything considered to be a memory card by your device.  Note that files are only listed corresponding to the currently selected view (audio/video/images), but directories are always listed.

        The files that should be listed are:
        AUDIO MODE: .ogg or .mp3
        VIDEO MODE: .avi
        IMAGE MODE: .jpg or .jpeg


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