TML 0.2.2 testing

  • karol

    karol - 2005-01-31

    I love idea of free xvid player, so I downloaded version 0.2.1 and it worked fine. Now I am trying to install version 0.2.2 and it returns error when unzipping it. I check it with WINZIP 9.0 on WINXP and unzip on Linux.

    Any hints?

    • jurrie

      jurrie - 2005-01-31

      Same problem here.
      Fetched the zip file from two different locations.

      Looks like the zip file needs to be re-uploaded.

    • Donald C. Kirker

      Sorry about this guys. I had some trouble with the FTP upload. I will re-upload later tonight.


    • Donald C. Kirker

      Ok, the problem is fixed. Both files should work now (source was working before).


    • Donald C. Kirker

      Two files: PalmChars.h and PalmNavigator.h (and possibly Chars.h) were accidentally released into the TML 0.2.2 (and 0.3) source code. If you have downloaded the source code with these files and are not a member of the palmOne Plugged In program it is requested of you that you delete these files and re-download the latest source code.

      Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. 

      Sorry for any inconvieniences. If you would like to compile in 5way support join the palmOne Plugged In program at:



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