TML 0.3 in development

  • Nicholas Hardy

    Nicholas Hardy - 2005-01-31

    Oops, I posted this on the development forum a few days ago, but didn't realise that it was set to be hidden from non-developers.  Sorry about that. 

    We're making more progress on 0.3.  There will be some more versions in the next few days, which will fix some of the problems, but I thought I'd repost this anyway.

    Here's a progress snapshot:

    * Opens testmovie.avi in the root of the first card (not filestream any more, GUI not included yet)
    * Supports XviD or uncompressed video
    * Supports uncompressed audio only
    * Currently only recognises xvid/mpeg4 with a FourCC of 'XVID'
    * A/V sync is only reliable with a framerate that evenly divides 100 (4, 5, 10, 20, 25, ...)
    * May not correctly decode all avi files, the code isn't completely generic, and I've only personally tested files created with mencoder and VirtualDub
    * Memory usage not optimised
    Likely error codes:
    3: out of memory
    4: currently unsupported avi file
    5: io error - possibly file not found
    Known bugs:
    * Corrupt display on T3 with rotated screen
    * A/V sync is bad unless you obey above rule
    * Zire 31 hangs regularly for fraction of second - got some code to fix this, but it's not in this version

    Known working palms:
       Tungsten TE (what I have)
       ... please let me know of any others

    Unresolved bugs:
       Zire 31 (hangs, bad sync)
       Tungsten T2 (unknown internal error - possibly just unsupported sample rate, needs more testing)

    • jurrie

      jurrie - 2005-01-31

      0.3-pre2 seems to work fine using the clip contained in on my Tungsten C.

      Got to see Error 5 (File not found) and Error 4 (bad format - tried using previous testmovie.avi) before placing a properly formatted clip in the right location.

    • Nicholas Hardy

      Nicholas Hardy - 2005-02-01

      OK, now the big questions...

      How does the AV sync look?
      Can you run it using a movie you've created?

    • delirii

      delirii - 2005-02-06

      It doesn't work for me.
      I've encoded a Xvid film (audio : no compression) and used the "send.avi" film from the "sample" archive.
      In both cases, I've the "FAIL. err=7" message (just after the "using XviD video"...

      Palm Tungsten T1, 9.5Mo free, soft resets just before trying to play.

    • Nicholas Hardy

      Nicholas Hardy - 2005-02-07

      delirii, thanks for your report.  Error 7 is indicating the failure of an internal test which checks for version of your palm's sound API. 

      I've looked up the problem and it seems that it's a known problem with the Tungsten T1 not reporting its features properly.  I've added some of the suggested workaround code to the latest revision in subversion, and it should be present in the next 0.3 release.

    • delirii

      delirii - 2005-02-07

      I've heard thatTungsten T1 can't handle all the audio frequencies but just 44100kHz and sub-frequencies (44100 / (2^n) : 22500 and so on).
      Maybe I'm wrong.
      I may not have enough free RAM too...

      Keep the good work !

    • tobyt

      tobyt - 2005-02-09

      Tungsten T3 tested with sample movie ( movie ok. Audio was lagging video a little.

      Still have to test with avi's I have made myself.

    • tobyt

      tobyt - 2005-02-10

      Tested it with a virtualdub created movie (again using tungsten t3 hardware). Similiar problems to the sample movie. Audio lags video.

      This has the beginnings of a fantastic media player.

      Keep up the good work.

      ps Currently I am using virtualdub to transcode sample avis. does anyone know how to transcode under linux (I'm currently using mencoder and ffmpeg).

    • Nicholas Hardy

      Nicholas Hardy - 2005-02-12

      I do all my encoding with mencoder under linux.  I think there is a GUI available for mencoder, but I prefer the command line.  Here is a sample of the commands I run:
      mencoder -vop scale=160:128 -ovc xvid -xvidencopts bitrate=150 -oac pcm -ofps 10 in.avi -o out.avi

      I'm working on a new version which includes changes to various bits, so we'll see if that improves the lag.  I've also read something about how on some palms the clock is inaccurate by about 0.2%, but I doubt that would cause visible lag without a longer sample.  In the future I'll need to look at a work-around for that.

      • karol

        karol - 2005-02-14

        I have made some test on my T2, with TML_Player taken from
        and movie

        I put send.avi into root on my SD card and renamed it      to testmovie.avi. When I have started TMLPlayer, I got error "using XviD video". I pressed OK
        and  next error  appeared: "FAIL. err=1".

        I had no problems when I opened this video with

        Does anyone could explain me what happened

        • Nicholas Hardy

          Nicholas Hardy - 2005-02-15

          Sounds like the same error I had when I tried it out on a T2.  I think it's a result what delirii mentioned above; my sample videos have an audio sample rate of 8000Hz, which is not a factor of 44100.  I think it's a fairly common rate, but is only supported on some palms.

          You wouldn't have had a problem on 0.2.2 since that version ignored the sound stream.

          Could you please try creating a sample with a different sample rate (44100, 22050, 11025), or if you have problems I can provide one.

          btw: would someone else like to create and host a range of samples?

          • karol

            karol - 2005-02-18

            I am tring encoding with mplayer. I use command given earlier in this thread, but I always get 12 bpp movie, even if then input file was 24 bpp.  I found filter named palette, but when I use it no video is encoded.

            Does anybody know a way to force mencoder to generate 24 bpp files?

    • delirii

      delirii - 2005-03-04

      What's up here ? Is there a 0.3 version ready to spread ?
      Last one was published more than one month ago.

      • Nicholas Hardy

        Nicholas Hardy - 2005-03-05

        We're still developing it and preparing a newer 0.3 version.  The latest code is available from the subversion repository (URL elsewhere).  If you can't set up a development environment yourself (it is a bit of work), then we can look at supplying more regular releases or weekly builds or something like that.

        Changes from 0.3-pre2:
        * Almost got working MP3 support
        * Changed AV sync code
        * Decent user interface
        * Bug fixes
        * Other minor changes
        * Added many bugs :)

    • delirii

      delirii - 2005-03-05

      OK, I'll try to set up a dev environment.. but, don't hesitate to supply frequent releases, even if not totaly stable :-) We all know what a bug is (Windows helps us to learn what it is ! :) ).
      BTW, thank you for your answer ! :)

    • Hervé PARISSI

      Hervé PARISSI - 2005-03-13

      Works on my T5 although not in landscape mode (I used the file from
      Keep on the good work !

    • Donald C. Kirker

      Two files: PalmChars.h and PalmNavigator.h (and possibly Chars.h) were accidentally released into the TML 0.2.2 (and 0.3) source code. If you have downloaded the source code with these files and are not a member of the palmOne Plugged In program it is requested of you that you delete these files and re-download the latest source code.

      Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. 

      Sorry for any inconvieniences. If you would like to compile in 5way support join the palmOne Plugged In program at:


    • toggm

      toggm - 2005-03-21

      Already thought about using SDL for visualization? As much as I know there is now support for PalmOS Devices. Perhaps you could join forces enhancing video support for PalmOS and on the other hand make your project compatible with other OS's. Keep on yout could work.


      • Nicholas Hardy

        Nicholas Hardy - 2005-03-22

        I personally haven't thought about visualisations at all.  But if you're correct that SDL now supports palm, then porting some SDL visualisations might be possible (and better than doing our own).

        However I doubt that I'd find SDL directly useful for the main video display.  Already got that going _reasonably_ fast, doubt there would be much advantage going through an extra interface layer.  Might be possible to share some code though.

        As for compatibility, I don't think that's much of an issue in this case.  Some of the code has been written to be generally compatible, but there's a lot of palm-specific hacks throughout certain parts.

        Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


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