TML 0.3r6 T|T crash (reset)

  • Harald Albrecht

    Harald Albrecht - 2005-04-02

    I downloaded the TML 0.3pre5 .zip binary file and installed it on my Tungsten|T (TT1). The About dialog says that it is 0.3r6 instead of r5.

    Whatever ... whenever I try to play an mp3 audio file, TML just resets my Tungsten T. Any help?

    • Nicholas Hardy

      Nicholas Hardy - 2005-04-03

      Yeah, the about dialog is wrong there.

      I've got some code is supposed to work around a TT1 bug.  Perhaps it's not working properly.  I've now changed the code in the repository - so a change will be in the next release.

      It's also possible that your palm could be out of memory.  Your palm probably has a smaller dynamic heap than I'm testing with (TungstenE: 2MB).  You might like to try an mp3 file with lower samplerate + bitrate and see if that helps at all.

      If you like you can try using UDMH to expand your heap.  However use UDMH at your own risk - in my experience when TML crashes while UDMH is active it generally causes a hard reset (deletes all data).  I think it can possibly cause permenant damage.  However that said, until we optimise the memory usage, it can be useful.

      • Ludovic Drolez

        Ludovic Drolez - 2005-04-04

        I've tried a few days ago TML 0.3r5/6 on my TT1, and when I try to play an ogg file, nothing happens. Activating UDMH did not help.
        For mp3, I confirm the reset, preceded by an 'unknown system error (1)'. UDMH did not help.

        • Nicholas Hardy

          Nicholas Hardy - 2005-04-05

          I'll probably make a new release in the next few days - just one more thing I want to finish first.  We'll see if that helps.

    • Michael Rozenberg

      If I'm not mistaken, TT1 has only 800kb of heap.
      Zire71 has 1mb (sure)
      TE has 2mb (sure)
      Zire72 has 5mb
      TT3 has 12mb (sure)
      TC has 12mb
      T5 has 4mb
      Others i don't know

    • Nicholas Hardy

      Nicholas Hardy - 2005-04-09

      Could you please try again with the new release 0.3.0 and see if there's any improvement.

      • Harald Albrecht

        Harald Albrecht - 2005-04-12

        Tried the new 0.3 release but without success. At least changing the volume when no audio file is playing does not crash the TT anymore. However, trying to play one of my mp3 files crashes the TT with a more or less bad reset.


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