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Magick 2.0 Released

Magick 2.0 has officially been released, and is available for download.

This means that the current Magick 2.0 code has been 'branched' to a maintanence line, and work will now begin on Magick 2.1. All further updates to Magick 2.0 will be in the form of patches (and their associated releases).

For users of Magick 2.0rc3, thereis not much difference, except that a minor bug when changing the mlock'd key has been fixed, and KILLCHAN has been added (ie. akill anyone who is not privileged who joins a channel - to help get rid of flood bot channels).... read more

Posted by Preston Elder 2003-02-24

Magick 2.0rc3 Released

Another release candidate released.

Not much changed since the last version, but I totally re-worked the database conversion routines (for converting foreign databases to magick), and I wanted to get these tested before releasing the full version of Magick.

Other than that, I added support for trircd, fixed ircu and hybrid7 support, and added more functionality to the --service commandline option in windows.

Posted by Preston Elder 2003-02-02

Magick 2.0rc2 Released

The second release candidate for Magick 2.0 has been created. Please download it at will. This RC fixes some protocol issues with Hybrid 7 and ircu2.10. Other than that, minor bugfixes.

Please note, the ircd configurations have changed slightly, so all upgrading to this version will need to re-copy the ircd protocol INI files.

Posted by Preston Elder 2003-01-06

Magick 2.0rc1 Released

Finally, the first release candidate for Magick 2.0 is out. This means the code is to a point where we'd be comfortable releasing it. We'll be concentrating on mainly usability and install issues until the release (as well as any bugs that crop up). We're especially interested in anyone who is bi-lingual and willing to translate the magick language files for inclusion in the final release.

We recommend all users upgrade.

Posted by Preston Elder 2002-12-09

New developer added

The Magick Development Team welcomes a new developer, Jim Powell. Jim is primarily a windows based programmer, and has been in the industry for MANY years. We look forward to working with him, as all too often, the windows side of Magick is neglected. Welcome aboard!

Posted by Preston Elder 2002-06-30

Magick 2.0b13 for NT

Magick 2.0b13 pre-compiled version for NT has been re-released to support the Unreal IRCD. The original b13 had broken Unreal support, and since when b14 is going to be ready (if there ever is one), I decided to re-release the pre-compiled NT version since there has been quite a bit of interest in it.

For UNIX people, if you grab the snapshot dated 20020630, you will have basically the same code used to compile the re-release of the b13 with Unreal support.

Posted by Preston Elder 2002-06-29

Magick 2.0 beta 13 Released

Well, its been a LONG LONG time since the last beta, but I've been starting to get users actually using the beta's, and since theres been SO many fixes since the last beta, I thought it would be a disservice to not release another.

Lots of new stuff, such as IRCU 2.10+ protocol support, lots of windows support fixed/added, and a complete new configuration tool has been added (written in Java). Well worth the upgrade from b12.... read more

Posted by Preston Elder 2002-05-21

Magick 2.0b12 Released

Magick 2.0b12 is out. It fixes alot of protocol stuff (especially with bahamut), and has a slight re-working of the locking system. Hopefully this should make it stay up longer. Also made the INI system (that loads the config file, and all 3 language files) more robust, so you can have multi-line entries, entries with multipal lines, and special control codes in the text.

Posted by Preston Elder 2001-10-22

Magick 2.0 beta 11 Released

Magick 2.0b11 has escaped *grin*. It fixes many coredumps and deadlocks. Still one known coredump, but its difficult to track down where it is in the source code. Users will need to decrypt their existing databases before using this version, as the keyfile structure has changed (more secure).

Posted by Preston Elder 2001-07-09

New Development Member

The Magick Development Team welcomes Stephen Cox aboard. Stephen is experienced in C++, and should help speed up the Magick project which recently has been moving at a snails pace.

Posted by Preston Elder 2000-10-13

Help Wanted

Do you know C/C++? You used threads? You interested in IRC and Magick? We DESPERATELY need developers for Magick. Right now, Magick II is being written totally by two programmers who both have at least one full time job. We need help, because the 'requests' and 'future developments' list is big, and the programming hours to do it is small. If your interested, please email :)

Also ... do you know another language? If so, then we ALSO need translators -- if your willing to help, please pick up a copy of the three language files, and help us make Magick II as multi-lingual as possible. If your language isnt there, or is translated by babelfish, then we NEED it translated to your language translated!... read more

Posted by Preston Elder 2000-10-03