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1000th download of MCM !!!

Today, MCM has been downloaded for the 1000th time since the creation of the project five month ago ... Perhaps it's not an impressive number, but the number of monthly downloads is still growing.
Today, few tasks are remaining opened waiting for the 1.0 version of MCM. These tasks are mainly centralized on the Online Play module. I would like to finish it before the 1.0 release, but I have too few feedback about it (there are more feedbacks about the Collection Manager). So if you like MCM, and if you have tried the Online Play Module, don't hesitate to send me feedback, even if you don't like this module ;o)

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-12-19

Looking for ...

Hello all !
A little news to list all things I'm currently looking for :
- volunteers to translate MCM into new languages (Italian, Spanish, Czech, Russian, ...)
- developers to work on the "Export collection" features (XML/XSLT)
- "Magic : The Gathering" fans and collectors who would like to give suggestions about some MCM collection managment features (statistics, export features, etc ...)
- "Magic : The Gathering" fans and players who would like to give suggestions about some MCM onilne play features (ladder, rules, GUI, etc ...)
- a free web hosting with PhP/MySQL features, to host the new MCM Online Play ladder (ideally, it should be an existing MTG fansite).... read more

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-11-01

MCM 0.6a released !

The version of MCM-0.6a is going to be released tonight !

Look at the changelog :

Most important evolutions :
- Turkish language (Collection manager module)
- [117362] Copy/Paste between collections
- [120216] Online duel report by e-mail to feed the Ladder
- [119050] HTML/XML/XSL export of images
- [119046] New shortcuts/hotkeys
- [119049] Open collections at startup
- [119047] New "rarity" sorting
- [119051] Automaticaly add file extension
Bug fix :
- [1312599] Problem adding card to collection
- [1312597] Problem with run_server.bat
- [1312595] Cards are imported twice
- [1303453] run script doesn't work
- [1303451] Icons are not visible in MagicPlayer module

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-10-15

MCM 0.5c released !

Here is the change-log :

Some major bugfix on this version :
[1312599] Problem adding card to collection
[1312597] Problem with run_server.bat
[1312595] Cards are imported twice

This version is also the first version with the new ladder feeding developped for the 0.6 version : after an online duel, the MCM Player module will ask you for your mail password to send the report of the duel to an MCM SQL robot which will feed the ladder database with this new duel report. So think about entering your email in the option panel of MCM ;o)
When the web MCM ladder will be ready, the statistics of all matchs will be available for all ...

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-10-04

MCM Magic Player chatroom

Waiting for a real MCM web-portal, a chatroom has been created to help the players who use MCM to find other players ... To access this chatroom, simply use the chatroom link on the "News" page of the officiel MCM website (

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-09-24

MCM 0.5b released !

This version includes corrections for two major bugs, and several new features of the future 0.6 version.

Bug corrections :
1303453 "run" script doesn't work
1303451 Icons are not visible in MagicPlayer module

New features :
119046 New shortcuts/hotkeys
119049 Open collections at startup
119047 New "rarity" sorting
119051 Automaticaly add file extension

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-09-24

MCM Magic Player portal

Hi !
I'm currently looking for ideas to build a MCM Magic Player web portal. The main features could be :
- a way for Magic players to find other players ,
- a ladder to show the player's classment,
- a way to show the last duels log,
- and more ...
My first idea was to develop an interface between MCM Magic Player module and a MySql online database, but I've not found a good (and free)provider ready to host the database (because of this mechanism means that different users could feed the database without any control). So I'm currently thinking about a "mail exchange" mechanism, where the MCM Player module will send duel's information by email. The database will be a private database, updated daily using the e-mails received.
What do you think about this solution ? Have you some other ideas ?
Don't hesitate to send me e-mails to give your opinions :

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-09-18

MCM 0.5a released !

The version 0.5a has been released today.
The first version of the MagicPlayer, wich allows you to play Magic : The Gathering with an opponent over a network is fully integrated in this version. You can look at the MagicPlayer tutorial at the official MCM website ( or download the tutorials package at the Sourceforge MCM website. I'm waiting for your feedback about this new version !

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-09-05

New section in the Sourceforge MCM download page

For people who would to contribute to the MCM development by testing new features before release, the "MCM development version" section has been created in the Sourceforge MCM download page.
You can today download the current development version of MCM 0.5, and try to play with the very new Magic Player module ... Enjoy !

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-09-01

About MagicPlayer ...

First of all, you can see a new screenshot of MagicPlayer module of MCM in the Screenshots section of the official site (
Now, let's alk about the next two versions. The 0.5 version of MCM will be the first to allow you to play Magic : The Gathering online with a friend, using the first simpliest version of MagicPLayer module. The only two tasks which remain to complete on the MagicPlayer module before the 0.5 release are :
- implement the life/manas count(up/down)
- implement the option panel : server IP or name, player name.
The 0.6 and 0.7 versions of MCM will have the following MagicPlayer features :
- "web style" link to find the right card in the Collection Manager using a link in the MagicPlayer chat-box,
- dynamic count of attributes different that life and mana,
- some new frames (for example the "show your hand" frame, to allow you to show your hand to your opponent, like playing with the "Telepath" cards)
- XML formated log file of the match, to build reports about interesting duel,
- "get opponent deck" to allow you to see your opponent deck before the duel,
- check the decks before playing (update your database if you don't have the right datas about your opponent's cards),
- check the MCM version (and CRC ?) befor playing to limit the cheat possibility,
After 0.7 version of MCM, the following features should be implemented too :
- automatic upload of the duel log to a site with a ladder,
- sounds and other effects (if enough time ;o) )... read more

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-08-29

mcm-0.4a has been released !

The mcm-0.4a version has been released today.
Please read the changelog to know the major evolutions.
This new version include the very first developments of the MagicPlayer (online or solo) to play with MTG cards ...

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-08-25

MCM Player released soon

The player extension for MCM will be released with the MCM 0.5 version.
For this first step, the Magic : the gathering rules won't be supported, and the player will be only a kind of "virtual play ground" to play online or alone.
We're currently wondering how many basic rules should be implemented for the next releases (only the game structure, with different phases, or the card rules too) ... If you have an opinion about that, please let us know !

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-08-24

Screenshots have been updated

Screenshots have been updated on the Sourceforge project page, displaying the new look of the MCM main windows.
A new screenshot have been added : it shows the MCM Player frame under development (will work on the MCM 0.5 version).

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-08-24

mcm-0.4.50804 has been released !

This is the pre-release of the 0.4 version, while the final one is still being translated.
This release is the last "beta" release of MCM : the next 0.5 version will be full featured for the "collection management" : the next developments will concern the "online play" module.
If no major bug is detected on this 0.4 version, the collection and database file format will be freezed and the compatibility will be maintained with this format in the next releases.

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-08-04

A new MCM tutorial is available !

This third tutorial deals with the collection export using XSL files.
Look at the MCM website to read it :
Go to and click on the "Magic Collection Manager / Tutorial" menu item.
Note: this tutorial is only useful for the 0.4 and above versions of MCM.

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-08-04

mcm-0.4 incomming !

The mcm version 0.4 will be released at the end of this week.
A lot of features have been henanced, and a lot of new features have been developped :
- new card attributes (Foil, Needed, ...)
- new HTML/XML/XSL export,
- Ninth edition import list,
- new filtering features,
- some bug fixed,
- ...

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-08-02


The next version of MCM will support a least 4 languages : French, German, Portuguese and English.
We're still looking for translators who would like to contribute to the project by translating MCM to their own language (Czech, Polish, ...).

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-07-30

Two first tutorials have been published !

The two first tutorials have been published on the MCM web page, at the following URL :

The first tutorial explain how to create a card database from The Gatherer web site or from the list files released with MCM.

The second one explains how to create a collection.

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-07-26

Version mcm-0.4 on the way

The development of the version 0.4 has began today.
The most important evolution is the support of online play.

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-07-25

New version mcm-0.3b

A new corrective version mcm-0.3b has been released today.
The three corrected bugs are :
-1243558 The list import doesn't work properly with some file
-1243556 The script doesn't work
-1243555 XSL File forgotten

And now the Gatherer files has been added for Windows and Unix/Linux, and XStream and JFreechart have been included in the distribution ...

Enjoy it !

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-07-25

New website for MCM

A new website have been created today.
In the near future, It will contain user manuals, tutorial for MCM, and HTML export samples (using the export features of MCM).
The website is located at .

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-07-24

Version mcm-0.3a released

This version is the first stable version of Magic Collection Manager 0.3. This tool can now be fully used to manage your own collection of "Magic : The Gathering" cards (the XML file formats are now stable). I hope a lot of people will try it, and contact us to tell what they would in the next releases.

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-07-22

New version mcm-0.3 this week

A new version, mcm-0.3, will be released this week.
In this version, you'll find a lot of new features :
- English and French languages,
- New fields in collection panels,
- Filtering features,
- Cards sorting features,
- Edition of cards,
- Creation of new cards,
and more ...

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-07-17

"Very first version"

The mcm-0.1 version has been added to the download page.
This version can :
- import card descriptions from text files using the official "Gatherer" format,
- save the card database,
- create, load, and save collections,
- obtain pie charts about the database and the collection,
- load and display card images from the official Gatherer website

Contact me to obtain more information if you want to use this software, or if you have good ideas to complete it.
I'll write a user manual as soon as possible.... read more

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2005-07-07

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