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Magellan needs to be capable of alerting the user when new mails is received.
This can be done in three ways (all selectable with on/off checkboxes from the Control Center):

1) change the application icon (I recommend the current icon with a red outline)
2) display a dialog box "You've received new mail from X with subject Y", buttons: Ok and Ok - Open message
3) play a sound file using the Qt sound stuff (QSound?). We also need to provide a few sample sounds.

Hints for implementation:

ClientNotifier emits a signal showProgress(const QString &) every time I/O stuff takes place. When the string is "pop3:completed" a POP3 transaction was just concluded.
Create a IONotifier class in libui with an IONotifier instance that watches the string and when the previous value is met scans all the mail folders (apart from Drafts and Outbox) for the unread tag. It should be smart enough not to warn the user twice about the same message.


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