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Magellan 2.0.5

The latest stable version has support for E3, the new Eressea world.

Die neueste stabile Version unterstützt E3, die neue Eressea-Welt.


Posted by stm 2010-02-27

Magellan 2 - Link

News, Downlaods, Link to Mantis and other stuff, including Mag 2.0.3 can be found here

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2009-01-06


Hot FIX for missing ressource-Blocks in actual server reports from the eressea-server.
Complete release with some new features - see changelog for details

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2008-06-03


Added support for ;Runde Tag in Ressources to be able to display round-info for ressources

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2008-06-03

Magellan 1.2.5f

some small bug fixes

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2008-04-16

Magellan 2.0

Many new features, brand new installer, new design, improved functions, new website - go get it.
(Requeries Java 5)

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2008-04-04

Converter 1.1

added: ISO->UTF8
Thx Solthar

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-12-13


Had to recompile for use under java 1.4

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-12-12

Magellan 1_2_5d

prior 1_2_5 version didn´t run under jre 1.4, this one does.

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-12-11

Magellan 1.2.5c RELOADED

ZIP File was damaged.

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-12-11

Magellan 1.2.5c

(First) HotFix for UTF8 support in reports

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-12-09

Magellan 1.2.5a

Very small fix for using more Skins (Look&Feels).

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-10-24

Magellan 1.2.5

The magellan team has decided to stopp the further development of the "old" Magellan. We call it Magellan 1 - yes, we are working on Magellan 2.

Magellan 1.2.5 is ready for download and will be the last major release of Magellan 1 and only significant bugs will be targeted. Get a look on Magellan 2 and go test it! We need your feedback.

In the Magellan 1.2.5 zip file are mor Skins already included. That´s the main reason for increased file size.

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-09-04

Magellan Beta Build 398


(Land)Pathfinder now takes care about roads only if they are 100% complete (Fiete)
Ordercompleter knows now OPTION SCORE (PUNKTE) (Mantis Bug #33, thx Khadar, Fiete)
added weight of race "Ghoule" to the (Fiete)
added custom icons for factions and units.
\res\images\icons\custom\factions and res\images\icons\custom\units are searched for factionnumbers and unitnumbers
all lower case, png,jpg and gif supported
max size 40x40 pixel
custom icons support can be deactivated in the options (Detailanzeige)
Mantis Feature Request #15 (for Khadar)(Fiete)
added warning "duplicate pupil" (!!!) for teachers (when teaching a unit more then once, teach aaaa bbbb aaaa) (Mantis Bug #32, thx Khadar)(Fiete)
added shipowners and buildingowners to the ordercompleter for GIVE-Order, you select the ship and the captain (owner) will be the target for the give command, same goes with buildings (Mantis Feature Request #26, thx xenomorph)(Fiete)

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-05-09

Magellan Beta Build 397

Changelog (detail):
added weight of zombies and skelettons to the eressea and vinyambar rules (Fiete)
Feature Request : Different map icons for "Nebel" ("Fog") and "Dichter Nebel" ("Dense Fog") (Fiete)
Missing map icon for terrain type "Mahlstrom" added (Fiete, thx Khadar)
More icons: inmates (Buildings and ships), Ressources, Spells, Potions, Tradeinfos...(Fiete, thx Khadar)
magic artefact "Gürtel der Trollstärke" has no effect of the capacity of an unit riding on horses - only on units "walking". ... read more

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-05-03

Magellan Beta Build 395

..what would be the normal Beta8_3 has named after the actual build (feature wish)
...and was uploaded.

complete changelog:

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-04-19

Code online, Downloads online

and OK from Enno and Ilja for moving the project.

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-03-07

Website moved

Moved Magellan website from eressea to magellan-client
started to update en pages, used de pages as starting point
all links reviewed

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-03-05

Mantis alive

Thx to lanwin we have a mantis installation running!

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-03-01

Mantis dead

Mantis would be not able to send Mails to adresses outside sourceforge - so we search for another solution.

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2007-01-24

New Site

...we just making first steps on the new magellan client site here on sourceforge
Anyone wanna join the team?

Posted by Alexander Fietz 2006-12-21

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