The attached document contains both the user installation and user manual. The Documentation, at this stage, is entirely in Romanian. I will add an English version at a later stage if interest in this application is shown.

By the way, the attached document makes a reference to a website but this domain was never truly used and is not active and I do not intent to renew or use it in the future.

The entire code and the documentation can be downloaded as a zip file from the Files section.

I developed this application in June-July 2012, in a full month of development, and tested it too and it is usable, however I expect that it might contain bugs since I have only tested it on very small scale data and not yet with real users. I thought it will be good to make it available, perhaps someone stumbles upon this code and finds it useful for whatever purpose.

Enjoy if you do, and if you need more from it let me know as I'd be happy to improve and expand it should there be need for it.

Last edit: Adriana Alexandru 2012-12-15