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New MaestroSBT


* VirtualDub plugin updated to support changes from version
* Corrected vertical margin bug when vertical margin type is overridden.
* Added explicit reading of UTF-8 files in the Unicode version.
* Arabic language still broken; apparently a major rewrite is needed to support it.
* Corrected vertical margin calculation when overriden.

Posted by Guillermo Prandi 2011-03-27

New MaestroSBT


* Added support for up to 255 colors plus background per subpicture on certain
scripts (currently only for .DoST files). This implies anti-alias. Requires
use of PNG output.
* Corrected crash retrieving font kerning (how come did that ever worked!).
* Corrected tooltips in the settings and preview windows.
* I-Author output might have been broken; please contact me through SourceForge
bug tracking if you find problems with it.
* Project upgraded to Visual Studio 2008.

Posted by Guillermo Prandi 2011-03-26

MaestroSBT released

First version after going open source, from the hand of Stanislav Oles, our featured developer ;)

Change log:

* Text is now scaled the same proportion as VobSub (Stanislav)
* Full path is now writen in SST instead of dot (Stanislav)
* Pixel area parameter fixed for smooth import into Scenarist (Stanislav)
* TIFF is now default bitmap format for SST rendering (Stanislav)
* Rendering minus2/minus3 options are selected automatically for SON and SST formats (Stanislav)
* Whitespaces between fields of the SSA file are allowed (Stanislav)

Posted by Guillermo Prandi 2005-12-20

MaestroSBT going open source

We're looking for developers/testers/documenters/technical support to join the project with some (or most) of the following:

- Some time to dedicate to the project.
- C++ skills (Visual C++ 2003, MFC, nothing too fancy).
- Attention to details: algorithms are quite complex and might be broken easily.
- Decent knowledge of DVD technologies and will to learn some more.
- Commitment to serve a community of users who are not always grateful. ;)
- Willing to respect existing export formats, and introduce some more.... read more

Posted by Guillermo Prandi 2005-09-05

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