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MadWifi v0.9.3 released

MadWifi release v0.9.3 is now available for download via Some of the highlights are a new HAL release, fixed support for some PCI express chipsets of the AR5006 family, fixed compilation against recent 2.6.x kernels and many bug fixes. More detailed information available at

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2007-03-20

Release 0.9.1 available

v0.9.1 is now available for download via It fixes various bugs, introduces some new features and support for new platforms. Check for the details.

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2006-06-26

CVS deprecated

It's been detailed on already, but it might be worth to note it here again: along with the switch to (see the previous news item from this project) we also changed from CVS to Subversion. The files that are held on's CVS repository for this project are therefore deprecated.

Please visit to learn more about getting the files for this driver, getting help for installation and configuration from our Wiki, and asking for personal help in one of our support resources.

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2006-03-16

New website launched

The madwifi project moved most of its web services to another host. In addition, the long-awaited new source code from Atheros has been released.

Detailes are explained here:

Have a look at and let us know what you think.

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2005-10-26

Wiki up and running

Be sure to check out our new Wiki, which is now also the new home of the Madwifi FAQ and other stuff related to documentation. Kudos go to Matt Foster for setting up and maintaining the Wiki.

Contributions to the ongoing work to create useful and easy to understand documentation are highly welcome.

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2005-04-21

Two additional CVS branches opened

Recently we opened two additional CVS branches: BSD and WDS.

BSD is used to import code from the FreeBSD atheros driver in order to extend the functionality of Madwifi with new features and make use of some stuff that's been made available by the latest HAL upgrade.

The WDS branch is used for introducing fully-fledged WDS support to Madwifi.

You're welcome to test any of these branches and report about your findings. If you're new to Madwifi and stuff like CVS, and/or not willing to cope with probably instable/broken code you should wait instead until the new features are integrated into the main ("stable") line of Madwifi.

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2005-02-21

New HAL released

A new HAL version has been released, which brings two notable changes:

1. New directory structure:
Up to now there were different HAL binary releases for FreeBSD and Linux. This situation has been fixed, so that all operating systems that use the HAL now make use of identical hal.o's. In order to reflect these changes the release files have been moved from hal/[linux,freebsd] to hal/public.
Important: if you plan to update your CVS checkout, make use of "-dP" to get the new directory structure. That is, update via "cvs update -dP".... read more

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2005-02-09

New mailing list - join the documentations team

We now have a new mailing list, madwifi-docs. The goal of this list is to coordinate the creation of new and improvement of existing documentation related to madwifi. If you're interested (or just curious), feel free to subscribe at . Every help is welcome.

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2005-01-18

CVS snapshot archive

Quite old news, but nevertheless: you can get daily generated CVS snapshots for madwifi from . The site also has an archive with snapshots back to late September 2004.

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2005-01-18

WPA branch merged into HEAD

I've just completed the back mege of the WPA branch into HEAD. The WPA branch should be considered dead and as soon as the public CVS is updated you should start pulling code from HEAD.

For those that have not been following the WPA branch note that the directory organization has changed. The old driver and wlan directories are replaced by ath and net80211, respectively. If you use

cvs up -dP

the old directories should be pruned so things will be less confusing. The version strings on the updated code should be for the ath driver and for the net80211 module. The module names have not changed.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-08-05

alternative mailing list archive online

Michael Renzmann arranged to have the mailing lists archived at (thank you!). From his posting:


Q: What's the name of the archives?

A: The name of the groups are:

Q: Shouldn't that be ...madwifi.user*s*?

A: Yes, in a perfect world it would be like that. As I mentioned above, the subscription of madwifi-users has been done by another person some time ago, and either this person or one of the admins who actually created the group has misspelled it here.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-05-28

old release removed

I removed the old release because it was too out of date and buggy. Please fetch code from cvs until we get a new release out.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-01-15

xsupplicant now works

Nick Petroni reports that the version of xsupplicant available in CVS now works with the madwifi driver. You will need the latest madwifi code from CVS.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-01-14

new hal

From CVS:

o update copyright notices
o add 3com pci vendor id's
o lock operating mode at reset time; remove operating mode parameter
from ah_setPCUConfig and ah_beaconInit
o expose GPIO support for forthcoming IBM laptops support in the driver
o remove unused short preamble parameter from ah_setupXTxDesc
o overhaul regulatory domain support including:
- expose extended channel mode
- bug fix for world-wide roaming SKU's that limited channel usage
o change ah_setupXTxDesc methods for 5210 and 5211 to return AH_FALSE
so drivers can use it to deduce whether or not multi-rate retry
support is available
o 5212: up max retry limits from 4 to 10
o 5212: fix retry count calculation when using multi-rate retry
o 5212: mark final rate in xmit status as HAL_TXSTAT_ALTRATE when a
rate other than series 0 is used
o hookup Linux sysctl to hal parameters
o new MIPS-3 builds
o new XScale build

Posted by Anonymous 2004-01-12


Richard Stevens is hosting a madwifi wiki at:

Posted by Greg Chesson 2003-10-14


Matt Foster is providing a madwifi FAQ at

Posted by Greg Chesson 2003-10-14