alternative mailing list archive online

Michael Renzmann arranged to have the mailing lists archived at (thank you!). From his posting:


Q: What's the name of the archives?

A: The name of the groups are:

Q: Shouldn't that be ...madwifi.user*s*?

A: Yes, in a perfect world it would be like that. As I mentioned above, the subscription of madwifi-users has been done by another person some time ago, and either this person or one of the admins who actually created the group has misspelled it here.

Changing the name now by appending the s would cause inconvenience, since anyone who's already subscribed to the corresponding newsgroup had to resubscribe to the new name. In addition, virtually any news readers would regard this as being a completely independant group and download old messages again. For this reason the name should remain as it is.

Q: How can I access these archives?

A: provides two different ways: by web or by news (nntp).

a. Webinterface: Point your favorite browser to...

b. NNTP: Point your favorite news reader to...

Posted by Anonymous 2004-05-28

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