81dBm of transmit power you mean??

81dBm of transmit power works out to (10^8.1) 125.892 KW, if Iam not mistaken. Are you allowed to transmit with such high power in 5.8GHz ISM band??


On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 5:27 PM, Beat Meier <mbe_ml@swiss-wireless.com.ar> wrote:
Hello again

I'm still stucking with the output power of 5.8GHz links.
Is there anyone who has modified madwifi hal to use full power of 5.8GHz
band of ubiquity cards (SR5)?
I need a 25km link in 5.8GHz and I really want to use my wrap boards
with madwifi driver.
I tried to modify the madwifi hal but the output did not change :-(
Nobody is using longdistance 5.8GHz p2p links which needs more than 17dbm???
I have 81dbm and as we now madwifi won't be able to work with this in
5.8GHz :-(
It needs a level of at least 70-74dbm to work realiable...

Thanks a lot for any hint!!!!


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