Well as far as I know it is possible it is possible to retrieve rx packet timestamp at microsecond level granularity, as atheros cards have microsecond granularity clock. Iam not sure if any of atheros cards have 40MHz clock.

At microsecond level granularity .. pkt timestamp can be retrieved using  ath_rx_status for the receieved packet. This structure has rx timestamp in the variable rs_tstamp. However this is 15 bit value. To convert it to 64 bit value, use the function ath_extend_tsf(). If you are not sure yet how to retrive it please do let me know.


On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 5:26 PM, Jin YunYe <yunyejin@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear all

I am doing a research project in which the packet reception timestamp
will be a piece of crucial information.

I would like to ask:
(1) whether there is any atheros chipset (and correspodningly,
commercial product) which has option clock rate up to 40MHz (or

(2) If so, how can we retrieve received packet's timestamp at such
time resolution using madwifi?


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