Thank you very much ,That page is realy very helpful,  By the way, about the wireless, is that any other great website that you can tell me, so i can found any more information while i keep working on the wireless job.
again thank you so much for this helpful knowledge~!

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This page may help.  In particular, you need to disable hardware crypt.


On 06/29/2014 07:07 AM, 小伦子 wrote:
> Hi~ Dears
>      Recently, i have get a job for testing the WiFi AccessPoint , In this purpos i get to make a tool that can simulate many station mod client(with single hardware wifi device), so i do some research job and i found the atheros chips is
> support multi vaps, and i try to use atheros chips wifi devcie to simulate station client. Here is the problem i get::
>      when i use the ubuntu 10.04 x86 linux  whith ath9k driver, i use flowing cmd to create vaps:
>      iw phy phy0 interface add vif_0 type managed‍
>      iw phy phy0 interface add vif_1 type managed ‍
>      in this way create two vif and i use them to connect the open mode wifi and the wep encrypt mod wifi it works greate (each if just work like eth0,can send and receive), but i use wpa_supplicant to connect wpa mod wifi , it turn to
> be only one vif work and other can't receve the pkt (but can send to the ap). *how can i make those station mod vaps works on all encrypt wifi network?* please help~!
>      An other problem is in the mips linux 2.6.31 system, Atheros 9344 chip whith the old ath driver (ath_hal...), i got the same problem with cmd " wlanconfig ath create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode sta "  the create's vaps is only one can work(no matter open or wpa encrypt) , same please help me ‍*how can i make those station mod vaps works on all encrypt wifi network?‍*
> ‍
>      Is very thankful for return this emal~ I will be very greatful for that..
>      by the way,please forgive my ugly english~
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