Dear All,

I want to change the minimum contention window (cwmin) to complete a part from my research, I prepared 4 stations and one access point (using Madwifi driver) and I set the (cwmin) on one of  the stations to 31 and i left the default values for the other stations (cwmin default = 15) by using (iwpriv tool) and i let them  to start transmission  to the access point at the same time, then i monitored the throughput by (iperf) but the results were strange! all had nearly the same throughput which is completely wrong, the station with higher (cwmin) must have longer backoff when a collision occurs, therefore it must have the lower throughput, and what i concluded is the iwpriv tool doesn't work correctly after i tested it many times with different values, so my question is:

whether this tool  is really activated in madwifi or not ? and if not, is there any way to set the value of (cwmin) from the driver's code directly?

Thank you in advance for your support...

Mohammad Jaser Abdelhadi
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