I asked some people relating to madwifi with wireless mesh networks. The majority told me that for now is better work with madwifi, due to ath5k is not totally stable for that.

I am beginning with madwifi, and I have some questions:

1.  All the madwifi's code are written in C or C++ ?
2.  What IDE or tool can I use to modify the code ?. Now, I am using Eclipse with C/C++ support.
3.  Actually, I download the madwifi-free-r3952-20090213.tar.gz. I compiled and run it. All is working well. But, Is it ok to work with this snapshot version, what will be the pros and cons ?
4.  There are a lot of files and modules in the madwifi folder. If someone could tell me what files or modules are relating only to work with wireless mesh network, please?

Thanks to all for the answers,