Dear Henri & Abdel,

You need to change the state machine. Looking into the following files/functions will give you some idea about the state machine. The state machine is like a finite automaton which represents the state, like INIT, SCAN, AUTH, ASSOC, RUN.

1. ieee80211_newstate (ieee80211_proto.c)
2. ath_newstate (if_ath.c)
3. Actually if you can control the state machine in such a way that scanning wont happen, you dont need to look into ieee80211_scan.c and ieee80211_scan_sta.c

One way to proceed is to grep for "IEEE80211_S_SCAN" in the source code. You will find all the places where scanning is kicked on. 

Hope that helps.

Let me know if you need any further information while browsing the coding.

Thanks & Regards

(Venkata Rao Chimata)

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 9:38 PM, inhid abdelhamid <> wrote:
We are students in an engeneering school "Telecom Paris-tech in Paris". we are working on a project that aims to optimize wifi for vehicular networks. To do that, we will have to change the madwifi source code in order to implement the amendment 802.11p.
Some of the changes we will be doing are:
-Disable scanning, in such networks we don't need it assuming that we know the channel number and the frequency.
-Disable authentication, we assume that there is enough confidence between cars.

Since our programming skills aren't that good, we had some problems understanding the code. Therefore implementing changes wasn't easy at all.
So, we wondered if you could tell us what files to look to desable scanning (scanning is pretty much the basis of the 802.11 )? we have been looking in ieee80211_scan.c, ieee80211_scan_sta, but are they the only one?
Is there a way not to comile sanning modules?

Please if you have time, give us a hand. It will be a real push for us.

Thank you in advance

Henri & Abdel

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