2009/3/24 thomas alaska <casperalaska@hotmail.com>
Hi everyone, I am trying to modify 802.11 frames, add new frames, change timers to the 802.11 MAC, basically change it up quite a bit.  I've looked at madwifi-0.9.4 and Hal released source code, and it does not give me any pointers for me to do so.  It seems to me Hal released source code does not contain these critical functions for me to do so.  Does anyone have any ideas.

You can start with ath_attach from ath/if_ath.c or ath_pci_probe from ath/if_ath_pci.c and see how the control flows.

Does ath5k give me a better opportunity?
ath5k has its own advantages and limitations.

1. The implementation is not yet complete. For eg. currently it does not support AP mode. It is still under development.
2. The main advantage is that the mailing list is very active and you can get good support.

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