Hi Pavel (and all),

the webserver including the svn repos is back online. Sorry for the delay, but I don't check the various mailing lists on a regular basis. Threfore it's better to send me a personal mail if there's any issue with the server.

I recently moved a copy of the comlete repos, including the full history, to sf.net. My intention is to keep the repos - and in a next step also the website - there, so that I may be able to shut our server down at some point.

Is your github fork meant to be a permanent institution? If so, I'd vote to point people there by default, and keep the svn repos for history only. Please let me know what you think.

Bye, Mike

Pavel Roskin <proski@gnu.org> wrote:

This might be of interest for developers working on ath5k and ath9k
drivers. It may be useful to have working MadWifi code for reference
to see how MadWifi accesses hardware registers, what packets it would
send, how it would communicate with other devices, how fast the
connections would be.

I fully realize that the MadWifi code is ugly and I don't want anyone
to use it for any new serious project (I know that existing embedded
systems still use MadWifi). Still, it's very unhelpful for developers
that the MadWifi site is down and the MadWifi code doesn't compile for
the latest kernels.

So I forked MadWifi on GitHub:

Here's the summary of the changes I've made so far:

Compilation fixed for Linux 3.10-3.12 and the current linux-next.
ath_info removed, it's should probably be maintained separately.
Removed integration with the official Subversion repository (it's down).
Removed support for Linux 2.6.12 and older, I have no time to compile
test it, let alone test the actual functionality.
Fixed compile errors in rare cases (e.g. SKB debugging and no VLAN).
Fixed some warnings, more fixes coming.

The purpose of the changes is not to make MadWifi work better. The
purpose is to make it compile cleanly and serve as a working reference
for ath5k and ath9k development.