I forgot to mention that I'm using madwifi, and I'm familiar with the fact that the HAL is in binary form only.
I'd just like to know in which files/functions the RTS/CTS,DATA & ACK frames are constructed.
I believe this happens before the frames are delivered to the HAL, correct?
Thanks You,
Francisco Fernandes

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> On Tue, 2010-04-27 at 22:51 +0000, Francisco Fernandes wrote:
> > I'm resending this message as I didn't receive any feedback yet. I'd
> > really appreciate any help please.
> I think ath5k-devel@lists.ath5k.org would be a better place to ask,
> since MadWifi is not actively developed, and when it was, the hardware
> access was encapsulated in a closed source HAL.
> > I need that when every RTS/CTS, DATA or ACK frame is delivered to the
> > HAL the correct combination of bits is sent to the parallel port so
> > that the correct beam is activated. Anyone has an idea how to do this?
> HAL is a purely software thing. It's open sourced now, and it could be
> "dissolved" in the rest of the code. The time of delivery to HAL is
> irrelevant to any hardware.
> Besides, I think the control frames are not controlled by the host
> software. Even data and management frames use DMA, which limits the
> amount of control you can have over the timing.
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> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin
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