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I'd like to understand better how synchronization happens in a mesh network with nodes using madwifi ahdemo mode.

According to this website, there is no beacons transmission in ahdemo.  However, beacons are important to distribute information about the capabilities of every node and also to get timestamps. I guess madwifi assigns common default values for the parameters that should be included in information elements of the beacons frame body regarding the capabilities of the nodes. I'm specially interested on the value assigned in the following fields:
- Short Preamble (Capability Information Element)
- Short Slottime (Capability Information Element)
- Use Protection (ERP Information Element)
- Barker_Preamble_mode (ERP Information Element)
Furthermore, I'd like to know how nodes synchronize the beginning of their slottimes in the absence of timestamps.

Some of the nodes configured in ahdemo have also a virtual access point configured on the same interface. The AP is sending its corresponding beacons, and so the mesh neighbors of the node are receiving them. The question is, what these ahdemo nodes do with the beacons from the AP? Do they process them or discard them? Could they use it for receiving the information I was mentioning above?

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