I am integrating sectorised antenna with a Wi-Fi node, basically a PC running Ubuntu. The network network is setup on ad-hoc mode. Currently installed driver is MADWIFI

Please advise on how can a node perform neighbor discovery while using sectorised antennas. That means for every station in a neighbor's table, an appropriate antenna sector has to be recorded so as for every packet transmitted, the node can select and use suitable antenna sector.

For example: 

If we say each node is equipped with an antenna with 4 sectors, then the node has to determine which sector to use  when communicating with neighbors. in the case where nodes A, B, C and D are aligned in a straight line; node 'B' has to use a different antenna sector when communicating with node 'A', as opposed to when communicating to node 'C'.

A   B   C  D

How can this mapping of neigbouring nodes with specific antenna sectors be achieved, if maybe RSSI is used as the determining factor during building up of neighbor's table?