Hi All,

I am not able to match radar pattern while streaming FCC DFS test video from AP to station.

I have enabled DFS support on my madwifi driver in AP. I have connected one station to this AP. I have connected laptops on both the side, behind AP and behind station. I am streaming FCC testing video which will generate radar pattern from laptop (behind station) to another laptop (behind AP).

The driver is able to detect that some radar pattern is there but it is not able to match it due to some threshold values. Can you please help me out from this situation. Please find below logs for the same.

[ 1623.847680] dfs_process_radarevent re.re_dur = 13  br->br_pulse.b5_mindur=28 br->br_pulse.b5_maxdur=105 b5_rssithresh=27dfs_process_radarevent too)
[ 1623.863068]   *** chan freq (5260): ts 189995638 dur 13 rssi 23
[ 1623.868984]   ** RD (5260): ts b531a83 dur 13 rssi 23
[ 1623.874031] deltaT = 11561976 (ts: 0xb531a76) (last ts: 0xaa2ae7e)
[ 1623.880208] filterID 5 : Rejecting on individual filter max PRI deltaT=11561976 rf->rf_minpri=177
[ 1623.889076]   ** RD (5260): ts b531a83 dur 13 rssi 23
[ 1623.894123] deltaT = 30464932 (ts: 0xb531a76) (last ts: 0x9823ed2)
[ 1623.900298] filterID 11 : Rejecting on individual filter max PRI deltaT=30464932 rf->rf_minpri=175
[ 1623.909262] ath_process_phyerr: rs_phyer=0x11 not a radar error