Today I just saw this on code below. Is there a way to access those functions outside the driver? I want to make a test script to test some atheros cards..

Regulatory agency testing - continuous transmit support
static void txcont_on(struct ieee80211com *ic);
static void txcont_off(struct ieee80211com *ic);

static int ath_get_txcont(struct ieee80211com *);
static void ath_set_txcont(struct ieee80211com *, int);

static int ath_get_txcont_power(struct ieee80211com *);
static void ath_set_txcont_power(struct ieee80211com *, unsigned int);

static unsigned int ath_get_txcont_rate(struct ieee80211com *);
static void ath_set_txcont_rate(struct ieee80211com *ic, unsigned int new_rate);


Érico V. Porto