Hey it works, but I actually ended going with minstrel solution, that uses /sys instead of /proc.

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Thanks Wright!

I will look on that!

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Just an idea, but if you are going to modify madwifi you could just add a sysctl for the variable you want access to so that you could then view/modify its value via the proc file system.

It’s really easy to do – just have a look at ATH_SYSCTL_DECL() in if_ath.c and do same as one of the other basic ones…




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Just one thought. If I want to access some hardcoded variable, from the ath_rate, and change or view it's value. It seems I just need to add it in the iwpriv, somewhere (like ieee80211_priv_args) and it should work. This code is n the ieee80211_wireless.c . But how does this work? I mean, what do I have to include in my original ath rate file and stuff?



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