I would like to confirm 802.1x support in the latest release, with I have not ben able to get working.  Here is what I have done so far:

To setup the radius server the configured the 802.1x options:
sysctl -w net.8021x.radius.clientaddr=
 sysctl -w net.8021x.radius.serveraddr=
 echo -n radius123 > /proc/sys/net/8021x/radius/secret

I have tested the radius server with radtest and it work from the client to server.  Then, enable 802.1x operation in AP mode with something like:
 iwconfig ath0 mode master essid foobar
 iwpriv ath0 authmode 3                  # 802.1x
 iwconfig ath0 key aabbccddee0011223344aabbcc556677 [2]
 ifconfig ath0

Do I have to load any of the new wlan modules for this to work?  Am I missing something.  I try to connect to the AP from a laptop and I get nothing back. I don’t even see the AP try to connect to the radius server.  Do I need the WPA supplemental to get this to work?  Does this have to be done in bridged mode?