Hi all
I'm trying to cross compile madwifi using Manga-SDK. Basically, I replace the old version of madwifi in Manga-SDK with madwifi and others version available on the sourceforge.net. And then, I configure Makefile accordingly. Finally, on the ${SDK_ROOT} (where the SDK is installed), I issue 'make apps CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux- KERNELPATH=${SDK_ROOT}/manga-sdk/kernel/linux'
However, it is not successful-_- First it states there is a mismatch about the $ARCH and the target machine $ARCH. I have checked the .config file in KERNELPATH, they should be the same-_-
Then , I force the $ARCH to be 'arm' and SDK can continue to compile. However, there are a compile error in if_ath.c in ath_hardstart() (madwifi and a error in ieee80211_node.c in ieee80211_node_table_reset() (madwifi .
Can anyone provide me a guideline to cross compile madwifi:~~~~~~

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