On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 9:45 PM, Chaodong ZHENG <vistb@foxmail.com> wrote:
Hi, fellow MADWifi developers,

I'm a graduate student and currently doing some research about the
802.11 Wireless Networks. I'm really new to this area, and I'm thinking
about weather we can do some cheating to gain most (or even all) of the
bandwidth of a AP by always choosing 0 back off after DIFS in the 802.11
MAC. But, I'm not sure weather open source drivers like MADWifi allows
us to experiment with such parameters. If not, is it like I got to find
something else or it's just entirely impossible?

Thanks for your help and looking forward to your reply :)

Best regards,
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Yes, it is possible to disable the backoff algorithm in Madwifi by adding the following:

qi.tqi_qflags |= HAL_TXQ_BACKOFF_DISABLE;   

to ath_txq_setup(). in ath/if_ath.c

Hope this helps.