Hi Stefano,
You can create upto 64 AP vap's in madwifi.

modprobe ath_pci maxvaps=<number of vaps to be created> autocreate=ap
ex: modprobe ath_pci maxvaps=10 auocreate=ap
then use command wlanconfig ath create wlandev wifiX wlanmode ap
repeatedly to create ath0,ath1 etc.

Hope this helps you

Vinod L R

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Subject: [Madwifi-users] Problem creating more than 3 Virtual AP

Dear all,

I am interested in testing the functionalities of virtual access points.
After reading all the available documentation on the sites and in the
source code I managed to create some and to get different mobile nodes
to successfully connect to them.
Anyway I was interested in testing the technology under a heavy load
(with like more than 10 VAPs at least) and I am getting an error while
trying to create more than 3 virtual ap.
They are all created in ap mode, and after the third one (named ath2) I
got an ioctl: input/output error.

I read in the doc that the limit should be 32 or 64, so anybody got
ideas of why this is happening?

I am running ubuntu 8.10 with default package drivers. The card is an
Atheros AR5001X+.

The command I use is wlanconfig ath create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode ap.

Thank you all!

Best regards,

D'Avella Stefano

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