I've got a Netgear WG111T attached to a dual-boot Windows and Linux box. The drivers from Netgear work fine in Windows, but I'd really like to use native Linux drivers in Linux instead of ndiswrapper around the Windows drivers. Following the apparently simple directions at http://madwifi-project.org/wiki/UserDocs/Distro/Debian/MadWifi, I installed the madwifi files. The process seemed to work without an error, but I could not get the modules to actually load and recognize the device. Instead I got a strange error message that ath_hal had 'tainted' the kernel by being proprietary.

Moving to the madwifi-project home page to start searching for further information, I saw the announcement about the update for later kernels. Dedian lenny does use the 2.6.26 kernel, so that seemed a logical reason for the failure. But after downloading the tar file with the updates, I could not figure out how to compile the changed files and put them where they belong. The convenient automated process didn't give many clues about what was actually  happening. Where can I find instructions on how to compile and install these updates for the 2.6.25+ kernels? Would the newer ath5k driver work in Lenny? What about the ar5523 driver in development? (http://wiki.debian.org/ar5523) Is that only compatible with the new development version, "Squeeze"?