Hi there,

I am experiencing something interesting. I can't explain why and hope someone can tell me what's going on.
I set up two machines: A and B. Machine A send 100 UDP packet to machine B. Machine B will send a packet
back to A when it receives a packet from A. Both tx and rx are in different thread in machine A. Machine B receives
all the packets from A. But machine B only receive half (50 packets).

I was wondering if madwifi drops packets if the tx and rx pipeline is too close to each other.

The more interesting things I test is, a roundtrip from A to B back to A takes 5ms. I sleep 6ms on every packet machine
A sends to B. It increases the packet received by B, about 70%. But I need to sleep 1s to receive all packet in machine A.

thanks, any help or thought will be appreciate.
Candy YIU
student, Computer Science
Portland State University