Hi all,
I've searched the archives and couldn't quite find exactly what I was looking for.
I've been trying to get the wlan_auth and wlan_radius modules compiled.  I edited the Makefil in the net80211 directory and set MOD_AUTH := wlan_auth.o wlan_radius.o.  The error I get actually comes from ieee80211_dot1x.c.  It complains about the following:

ieee80211_dot1x.c: In function 'eapol_input':
ieee80211_dot1x.c:289: error: union has no member named 'ethernet'

More details…
I'm using the 2.6.9 kernel on Gentoo.  I've experienced this error with versions from 2004-10 all the way to the latest CVS snapshot downloaded yesterday.  Any tips on getting this compiled?  Is it a makefile change I need to make or a kernel compatibility issue?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.