I was trying to figure out the time synchronisation mechanism using beacons and the standard seems to indicate that one needs to maintain a time synchronisation of about 4 micro-secs with respect to the beacon.

I thought that such kind of accuracy was achievable only at the hardware layer however while I was looking through the madwifi code and it seems to me that this is being done by the driver in net80211/ieee80211_input.

I have a couple of questions and would be very obliged if someone could point me in the rigth direction / point out that my assumptions may are wrong...

1. How is one able to chieve such fine time synchronisation at the driver level?

2. If I insert printk statements before and after the time stamp is being copied from a received beacon, will I be able to work out for a pair of node by how much the clocks are going out of sync?

3.  If I can repeat this process over more than one hop is it technically possible to  synchrnise a  node  two hops down with a node  upstream by minor changes to the madwif code?

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