I am transmitting 500 frames per second.

By the sheer number of frames that have failed there may be some other contributing factor.


This stats is after approx 14.5 hours of operation.


The difference  of  (rx frames from antenna profile – 2*failed rx frames reported by athstats) is approximately equal to the number of beacon frames (@100mSec) in 14.5 hours.


Any ideas on where to look ?




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I’ve noticed before that the station increments this counter for every beacon received.

Of course beacons are valid frames and the counter should not be incremented in that case so I believe it is a bug…




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Subject: [Madwifi-users] [SPAM] rx failed due to frame too short: madwifi0.9.4 r4119


Dear all,


Athstats of madwifi on the station reports  “nnnnnnn rx failed due to frame too short”


The number of failed frames is almost half the number of received frames. Please see the report from athstats below.


I interpret this as every frame sent from the Master has been retransmitted thereby loosing bandwidth .


The master does not have this problem.


From the code I see that this error is reported when a frame is received that is shorter than the minimum 802.11 packet length.


Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to fix this ?



Report from athstats from station:


706 tx management frames

169241 long on-chip tx retries

700 tx frames with no ack marked

26533065 tx frames with short preamble

11602 tx frames with an alternate rate

123901 rx failed due to bad CRC

26534140 rx failed due to frame too short  < =======

1648040 PHY errors

    54 transmit override receive

    13086 OFDM timing

    309 OFDM illegal parity

    157 OFDM illegal rate

    164 OFDM illegal service

    40 OFDM restart

    1206517 CCK timing

    4684 CCK header crc

    274377 CCK illegal rate

    148652 CCK restart

1768 periodic calibrations

rssi of last ack: 69

rssi of last rcv: 71

Antenna profile:

[1] tx 26533450 rx 53593258  < =============

[2] tx        0 rx     5719







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