In this, the fourth session of the hearing, opponents of the demolition will finally present their case.
Gray, the father of former Congressman William H. In the next block west of Rittenhouse Square, the Philadelphia Parking Authority did not file an appeal of Judge Matthew D. Hoeffel, Senator Arlen Specter and Senator Rick Santorum.
Especially in light of the public monies being provided for the project, The Committee believes that public input should be sought throughout this process and that this has not occurred thus far.
Save Our Square welcomes tax-deductable donations toward research and leg
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com - Architecture for All! However, it also strongly believes that the proposed facility and related parking garage should be located on the large vacant parcel of land adjacent to the west side Convention Hall.
According to Hack, the structure of the stands provides the support for the roof, such that removing them to open up space for reuse would be non-trivial.
Roebuck, Representative Babette Josephs, Representative John M.
Howard, whose rousing oratory led President Truman, as a political maneuver, to sign executive orders, a few days later, abolishing Jim Crow regulations in the US military and federal bureaucracy.
The 11th hour crusade to save Convention Hall can only succeed with the direct involvement of many Philadelphians.