I am trying to find a methid for which I can programmatically obtain the device capablilties. I see the information is output to syslog when the driver is loaded. I see things like channel rates, chipset type, etc.


I that the driver is using something from what might be the HAL layer, ath_hal_getratetable. What I am trying to do is create a GUI that obtains a cards (pci or pcmcia) capabilities and would allow it to be configured. I can do all the setting up and changing of configuration, however  I cannot determine what it might be capable of. I am using a DWL-AG520(802.11a,b,g) and DWL-520(802.11b) both are pci cards. I also have a few pcmcia cards. Linux kernel version  2.6.6. dump_cis was suggested except that doesn’t work for pci cards.



In the if_ath.c code, I see that infomartion is being obtained. But since this is a driver piece, I am not sure if a usermode app could do some of the same types of calls to get information. Could I create a program (user mode) that attaches to the device and queries it.